PREMIUM CIGARS for your Golf Course from FRESH SMOKE


  1. You choose your guest’s favorite premium cigars from our vast selection including all the big names and best sellers.

*We can also help you choose a best-selling GOLFER’S SAMPLE PACK, based on our extensive industry knowledge of your market.


  1. The cigars come prepackaged in our no hassle protective FRESH SMOKE cigar tube.

*The protective tube is an acrylic case that contains a unique and innovative two-way humidity technology from HUMI-SMART. No more hassle from a humidor!


  1. FRESH SMOKE will customize the label on the cigar tube for your course and/or your special event, tournaments, business groups, sales meetings, weddings, or ANY EVENT!

*Whether you are promoting a specific event -or- just catering to every day guests, we are here to help you “WOW” your valued customers.

Your golf course already has several examples of logoed merchandise, clothing and accessories, so why not LOGO your PREMIUM CIGARS as well?

Display 25 custom label NO HASSLE premium cigars in our attractive counter-top display (included *FREE* with your first order). In addition, we have a great portable protective case for your beverage carts, so you can increase your on-course sales and profits!

Initial order minimum of ONLY 25 CIGARS (or more…)

Pick and choose in quantities of 5 CIGARS or more from our huge line-up of the best premium cigars available anywhere in the country.

Premium cigar selections from ASHTON, COHIBA, GURKHA, H.UPMAN, MACANUDO, MONTECRISTO, MY FATHER, PERDOMO, and many more!

simplify cigar sales

No Hassle Humidor

Eliminate humidor maintenance

Eliminate stale cigars

Eliminate over-handling

Eliminate damaged Cigars