Macanudo Inspirado Orange Cigar

Natural oils contribute to the cigar’s earthy flavor and medium-to-full-bodied aroma. The process of developing Macanudo Inspirado Orange begins with the shade-grown Olancho San Augustin wrapper tobacco that grows
in ideal climatic conditions which leads to the expression of essential oils on the leaf. When processed, the natural oils contribute to the cigar’s unique Rosadaappearance, earthy flavor and medium-to-full-bodied aroma.

To achieve the unique and complex taste the flavorful Olancho San Augustin wrapper was combined with a spicy Jamastran Seco binder and a blend of Honduran, Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco. The Nicaraguan Viso tobacco used in the filler is grown on the fertile volcano island Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua and gives strength and spice to the blend. The Piloto Cubano from the Dominican Republic gives the cigar a sweet tone until the end. The result is a blend that gives you a unique smoking experience that develops and celebrates the nuances of the tobaccos.


Dominican Republic


Olancho San Agustin


Honduran Jamastran


Dominican Republic, Honduras, Nicaragua

Macanudo Inspirado Orange


If you never or rarely smoke cigars choosing a mild cigar is recommended . Some of FRESH SMOKE mild cigars are the Montecristo White, Macanudo Cafe, and Licenciados Toro.

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