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The Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real Cigars feature a smooth, flavorful cigar that is fit for all adult smokers to enjoy. Woodsy flavor. Tender Aroma. Even the most demanding cigar connoisseurs are sure to love the Reserva Real.

Wrapper: Silky Ecuadorian Connecticut

  • Smooth and Consistent
  • Rich Tobacco aroma with notes of Oak and Leather
  • Flavor Notes of Buttercream, Roasted Nuts and Vanilla Spice

Since their introduction in 1875, Romeo y Julieta has remained one of the choicest cigars crafted, and one of the most often requested brands by connoisseurs. The Reserva Real blend is a carefully balanced recipe of Dominican leaf spiced with Nicaraguan leaf finished with a hand-selected blonde Connecticut Shade seed wrapper, grown in the valleys of Ecuador. Slightly mellow in flavor, it is an expertly crafted handmade smoke.


Promote Your Brand with Custom Artwork

Use FRESH SMOKE premium cigars with customized labels as your business card and a special way to say thank you to your valued clients. We can include your name, phone number, and website to ensure your customers keep coming back year after year!



HUMI-SMART maintains perfect Humidity

Remember that cigars are fragile, must be kept at between 68-70% relative humidity, but humidors require maintenance and a watchful eye on the humidity level. Each time your humidor is opened it will loose humidity. Cigars are very fragile and when cigars are too dry, wrappers crack and unravel, on the other hand when they are you are risking mold spots on the cigar. All of these challenges are solved with the HUMI-SMART humidity packet.



Eliminate Damaged Cigars due to over handling

Cigar Over-handling is no longer a problem. The strong acrylic FRESH SMOKE tubes are airtight and water resistant and protect against cigar damage from crushing, bending or breaking!