Golf Courses & Tournaments

Sell FRESH SMOKE customized Premium Cigars from your course’s PRO-SHOP, your BEVERAGE CART, your SNACK SHACK and most importantly — sell them in bundles to your CORPORATE GROUPS to support their tournaments and private events!

Premium FRESH SMOKE Cigars and Golf go hand-in-hand, so get rid of the daily hassle of trying to maintain a humidor and sell FRESH SMOKE CIGARS at your golf course!

With FRESH SMOKE, there is zero risk of losing inventory due to mishandling. FRESH SMOKE cigars come prepackaged in our proprietary protective cigar tube.

The protective tube is a water-resistant hard acrylic case that contains a unique and innovative two-way humidity control technology from HUMI-SMART.

The strong acrylic FRESH SMOKE tubes protect against cigar damage from overhandling, crushing, bending or breaking!

The unique tubes keep FRESH SMOKE cigars at a PERFECTLY FRESH  69% humidity and ready to be enjoyed for up to ONE YEAR!

In addition, to aid in course sales, Fresh Smoke will supply you with a waterproof beverage cart container at no additional charge

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Custom Packaged Cigars

Promote Your Brand or Event with Custom Artwork

Use Fresh Smoke premium cigars with customized labels as your business card and a special way to say thank you to your valued clients. We can include your name, phone number, and website to ensure your customers keep coming back year after year!

HUMI-SMART maintains perfect Humidity

Remember that cigars are fragile, must be kept at between 68-70% relative humidity, but humidors require maintenance and a watchful eye on the humidity level. Each time your humidor is opened it will loose humidity. Cigars are very fragile and  When cigars are too dry, wrappers crack and unravel, on the other hand when they are you are risking mold spots on the cigar. All of these challenges are solved with the HUMI-SMART humidity packet.

Eliminate Damaged Cigars due to over handling

Cigar Over-handling is no longer a problem. The strong acrylic Fresh Smoke tubes are airtight and water resistant and protect against cigar damage from crushing, bending or breaking!