FRESH SMOKE CIGARS offers the ultimate cigar program tailored for golf courses in the United States! Our approach is straightforward and hassle-free, offering sealed premium cigars in customized tubes featuring your company logo or artwork, guaranteed to maintain freshness for up to one year.

Say farewell to the complexities of humidors as our solution eliminates the need for one entirely.

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• HASSLE-FREE EXPERIENCE: No humidor maintenance, no stale dry cigars!
• INDIVIDUAL PROTECTION: Each cigar is securely packed in a clear acrylic tube, GUARANTEED FRESH for ONE YEAR.
• READY-TO-ENJOY ASSURANCE: Cigars feature HUMI-SMART Two-Way Humidification, ensuring optimum condition for immediate enjoyment.
• PROFIT PROTECTION: Eliminate lost profits – cigars remain intact, undamaged, and unsellable from customer handling.
• GERM-FREE & SAFE: No concerns about germs or safety, facilitating increased sales.
• CONVENIENCE FACTOR: A point-of-sale display drives impulse purchases, contributing to MORE STORE PROFIT.
• CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS: Personalize cigar tube labels with YOUR full-color logo and photo.
• ORDERING SIMPLICITY: Initial orders start at ONLY 36 cigars, with up to 6 different selections. Reorders have a minimum of 10 cigars.
• SWIFT TURNAROUND: Maximum two business days for order fulfillment, with an initial request for 3-5 business days on the first order to accommodate label design.
• CIGAR SELECTION SUPPORT: Choose your cigars or let us assist you in selecting from the best sellers for guaranteed success.
• MENU CARD: Each cigar order comes with a menu card, aiding customers in selecting their preferred cigar. The card provides a brief description and the cigar’s strength.
• TAX COMPLIANCE: As a licensed tobacco wholesaler/distributor in every state, we handle all tobacco taxes on your behalf.

We look forward to working with you to develop a successful and profitable cigar sales program!