Is your golf course looking for a great program for selling cigars? We make cigar sales CONVENIENT for your GOLF COURSE. It’s pretty simple – you buy your favorite cigars from us – they come prepackaged in our proprietary protective FRESH SMOKE cigar tube with YOUR COURSE’S LOGO on the label. Free counter display and BEVERAGE CART KIT for increased sales on the course.

NEW CUSTOMER SPECIAL – $25 OFF each 25 Cigars Ordered. Only a minimum of 25 cigars to get started.

Several customers tell us that over 70% of their cigar sales come from their beverage carts! Increase sales and tips by simply asking “do you need cigars?”

CIGAR SELECTION – You can choose your cigars or WE CAN HELP YOU CHOOSE from our wide variety of top selling cigars to ENSURE SUCCESS.

HASSLE FREE – Cigars are individually packed in a protective clear acrylic tube and GUARANTEED FRESH for AT LEAST ONE YEAR. No more humidor to maintain.

NO MORE LOST PROFITS – Cigars won’t be damaged or broken from customer’s handling. Cigars won’t dry out and become unsellable. More cigars SOLD = MORE PROFIT.

TOBACCO TAXES – We are licensed tobacco wholesaler/distributor in every state, so we pay all the tobacco taxes on your behalf.