Why Choose FreshSmoke

Why is this a better option than buying a humidor?

Cigars are sensitive to change in relative humidity, and they must be kept at between 65-75% (RH). Fresh Smoke packages each cigar with Humi-Smart 2-Two-Way Humidity control technology, keeping each cigar at 69% (RH).  If your cigars are too dry, the wrappers crack and unravel, over humidified and they will grow mold or won’t burn well. Don’t waste time monitoring a humidor that leaks or needs to be seasoned. With Fresh Smoke, your customers will experience a fresh cigar every time.    

Does Fresh Smoke pay the taxes for me?

Yes, we do pay all state and federal tobacco taxes for you.  We are licensed in each state and will submit the required paperwork and payment.  We do not collect state and local sales tax so you must charge that and submit it accordingly. 

Which cigars do you sell?

Our main goal is to help you increase your sales. We only offer premium cigars that will sell fast! Every cigar we offer is the best there is. Every cigar is handmade, long filler; no cheap mix-fill cigars. At FRESH SMOKE, we work with the finest cigar manufacturers from across the globe to ensure you can offer your customers THE VERY BEST! View Our Cigars!

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simplify cigar sales

No Hassle Humidor

Eliminate humidor maintenance

Eliminate stale cigars

Eliminate over-handling

Eliminate damaged Cigars